Saturday, February 13, 2016

Matchmaking with Commando

Commando in the back of the van headed
to Manassas.  He rides really well, he just
laid down and never made a sound.
We pause in the week-long celebration of Jasso for more good news, supremely good news.  I went to a Promises Adoption Event up in Manassas today with Commando.  Maya went along for the ride.  I went really to meet one particular couple who were interested in Commando.  We had exchanged emails.
Maya bundled up in a crate in the van.  It was cold.

They arrived, recognized him at once and really hit it off.  They liked his size, youth, energy, and generally sweet disposition.  I liked their size, energy, and youth, as well as their enthusiasm.  I think they are a great match for Commando, capable of handling him, training him, and keeping up with him.  They were exactly what I wanted for him.

They were on their way out of town for the weekend, but said they would talk it over and give me a call.  They called in about 15 or 20 minutes to say that they wanted him and I was not surprised.  We are all off on Monday and hope to make the adoption and transfer then, weather permitting.

Commando was himself: big, sweet, and
goofy, and today it worked in his favor.
It was well worth the trip and we got home mid-afternoon so I had time to get Maya and Max out for a five mile hike before dark.  It was chilly but I was dressed for it and the ground was frozen solid, which was a nice change from the mud.

In the evening, Maya and I went down to the brewery to have a couple celebratory beers.

Commando finally met his match.

Maya and Max on today's hike.
She doesn't hustle treats or food anyplace else,
I swear, maybe it's because this is the only place
she gets them.

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