Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome home

Clay has been in London for the past 10 days.  Lola got adopted while he was gone, leaving us with just 9 dogs.  I was afraid he'd feel like the house was empty, or upset with the odd number, so I picked up a new dog today.  His name is Amos, but that's a bit biblical for my taste so I'm thinking of a new one.

His story:  He was pulled from a North Carolina shelter by a N.C. rescue group and adopted out at 7 months of age, still intact.  New owners didn't neuter him.  Kept him in a pen that he climbed out of repeatedly.  They wanted to return him but the rescue was full and wouldn't take him back.  Owners listed him on Craigslist trying to sell him for $100.  Green Dogs Unleashed took him in and transported him today.

He's about 10 months old.  Very thin.  I'll worm him starting tomorrow.  We will get him to a vet for vaccines asap and then neutered, the sooner the better.  He's not a pure GSD, his nose and head are broad and he has a curly tail.  Maybe party Akita? Husky?  Sort of reminds me of Groot.

He met everyone with no problem.  He's a bit spooked and finds the crate comfortable and safe so he's content there for now at least.

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Byron's mom said...

So glad he is safe with you. I would like to smack his previous owners. Putting a dog on Craigslist? Makes me sick.