Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wellness check with Jasso

Before the vet visit, on the boardwalk for
some afternoon brushing.
You'll forgive me if the blog is a bit Jasso-centric this week.  I want to get him ready for his next big adventure in life and today that meant going for a follow-up vet visit.  It's sort of like taking your car in for a tune up before a long trip.
Jasso is easily won over with any kind of treat.

I'm glad we did.  I had thought Jasso was doing better with the urine incontinence issue, but last night proved me wrong.  They checked his urine and again and found a lot of bacteria in it still, which means that the last antibiotic didn't do the trick.  We got a new one, stronger, and a short supply of his other meds to send with him.

The vet also re-checked his ears and they were the best they've been, but we repeated the last treatment just for good measure.  Jasso is a senior dog, he has a history of neglect, and he's a shepherd, so he's never going to be without some kind of medical issue going on.  But he's sure come a long way from where we started.


Anonymous said...

Jasso has such soulful eyes. I'm so happy he has you and that he will have a good family to call his own.

Elma Rae said...

Jasso has seen allot. Thank you Brent, he can now go on to be a dog!