Monday, February 22, 2016

Pictures that speak volumes

These few pictures say more than I can with all the words at my disposal.

First, the new girl, Harper, is coming around.  She comes upstairs on her own when the other dogs and I settle into the office to work.  I was particularly happy to see her lay down near Maya, but she will also settle herself into an empty crate and stretch out on a comfortable bed.  She's eating well and has now had her second dose of Panacure.  She will let me approach and pet her and on a few occasions she has come to me on her own.  The biggest fear issue seems to be getting her out of her crate and using the leash.  I'd love to take her out on a walk so she will have a positive experience on a leash, but I'm going to wait a couple more days until she's more settled and trusting.  The vet visit may have to wait until next week.  

And then there's Jasso.  His adopter is as enamored with him as I was.  She's been taking him on outdoor excursions for exercise and entertainment.  He's all tail wags and smiles and he sleeps soundly afterwards. 



Anonymous said...

The difference in her photos is astonishing!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful outcome for Jasso! Love that you shared these pictures of him - thank you!