Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Commando!

Today is Commando's second birthday.  He's a two year old now, with the mature body and immature brain that goes along with being a two year old male German Shepherd Dog.  With any luck, the brain will catch up with the body in another year or two.

He had a bath last night to get ready for his big day.  I was surprised and impressed with how well he did in the bath.  I doubt that he'd ever had one before.  I had to "encourage" him into the tub, but once in he didn't fight me to get out.  I took my time and gave him a pretty thorough cleaning.

I didn't get him anything special in the way of treats for his birthday, but he got the best possible gift - a new home.

I met his adopter at my meeting spot in Culpeper.  She looked at his rabies certificate and realized that today was his birthday.  They went home and had a walk, giving her a proper appreciation for his size, strength, and energy, but she emailed to say thank you and that he would make a great addition to their home.


Risa said...

Lucky boy, getting a forever home on his birthday. I hope that have a long and happy life together.

Byron's mom said...

Such great news for this handsome boy!!!