Saturday, February 27, 2016

Random stuff

Sometimes there's just a lot of pictures that need to be moved off the camera.  No particular theme.

Sam had a brief vet visit on Friday to
get his stitches removed.  It seems that
they were already gone.

Trooper and Theo in front, behind are Max and Toquima.

Toquima, Theo, and Trooper


Trooper chasing Toquima

Theo chasing Max

Maya pulled a towel down and just laid under it while I
was in the bathroom, which apparently I can't do alone.
Maya at the bar Friday night.

Sparky on an 8 mile hike with Maya and me on Saturday.
It would be a fast canoe trip right now.

The Rivanna river is high and muddy.

Eight miles was quite a hike. Even though it was cold,
Sparky thought the water was inviting.

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