Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rainy day blues

Maya and Theo out on a walk last weekend.
The weather has been going from bad to worse the last several days.  I got out for a couple walks over the weekend and early this week, but have been stuck indoors the last two days.  Today it rained most of the day and we even had a tornado warning as a narrow but strong line of thunderstorms moved through late in the afternoon.

The only dogs I've let out to the dog yard for the past two days have been Max and Sam.  Everyone else is stuck inside singing the blues.

The best way to kill time indoors is to sleep.

Theo, Trooper, and Maya out for a walk in light rain.

I got out with Sam and Maya between rains
on Monday.
Vince still wants out often when it's raining but he
doesn't stay out for very long.

Gigi has no interest in going outside when it's wet.

Trooper in the coveted spot in the corner under my desk.

Trooper and Toquima, who arrived this afternoon.
He is staying with us for about a week.

Gathering in the laundry room for the tornado
warning this afternoon.  Vince and Trooper have
the worst storm anxiety and they were the only
ones to actually fit into the small room.

Gigi and Maya outside the entrance to
the laundry room.

Toquima thought the gathering of dogs was just a good
opportunity to play with Theo.  He seems to have no fear
of storms at all.
Maya pushed her way in to be next to Trooper.

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Anonymous said...

Someday you can write a book: Trooper and Maya, an Unlikely Love Story