Friday, December 23, 2016

A few former foster photos - 2016

This is Sophie, a/k/a Bug
Notice the "I've been a good dog" stocking hung
on the stairway behind her? I suspect it's a lie,
or wishful thinking at most. But she is sweet.
I love getting pictures of former fosters at any time of year but I always get some around Christmas and I stole a few from Facebook as well.

Paul and Felix after a run.
"Thanks for the run, it was fun!"

The shepherd is a former foster now known as
Marty, formerly Hardy. He looks very happy.
I love the picture although you don't see the dogs'
faces. The one on the left is Daisy. It's safe to say that
she's happy, content, and well-loved in her new home.

This was an e-card I received and it's the oldest foster
I've heard from in a while. The dog is Molly, a shepherd
mix, although I recall her looking more like a border
collie. She was young when adopted, but she's got to be
pretty senior by now. Living in Louisiana. 
This is a scan of a card I received. The shepherd in the front
is Grenache, formerly known as Kip.
I can't believe how big he has grown. 
Tessa and Santa
This is Tessa, one of the most beautiful
female shepherds I ever fostered.

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Risa said...

This is what makes rescue worth the effort. Dog bless you.