Monday, December 12, 2016

Melvin's new adventure

Melvin is a sweet boy. His only real problem is that he didn't know much. His role models around here were a very fiesty small female shepherd mix (Abby) and a crazy German Shepherd Dog (Theo) so he wasn't learning a lot that would serve him well as an adult Great Dane. He went to a new home on Sunday afternoon after spending an hour or so playing in the pasture with his new older sister, Mia.

The man is big and he's a runner and the woman grew up with Danes and seemed very confident and capable of handling him. Melvin responded to both of them. Mostly he responds to any attention given. They know that he needs some training and has a lot of learn but they seemed able and willing to take that on. That's exactly what Melvin needed. He wasn't a "turn key" foster who could just move into any home and act like he's always been there. He needs some guidance and work, but he's got three individuals, two humans and one female canine, who can take up the task.

Running with Mia.  She was a bit nervous at first having such
a huge shadow who seemed ready to run over her at any time,
but she learned to handle him and became used to his huge presence.

He got a lot of running time in the pasture and both dogs
slept well on the trip home.
This probably my favorite picture of Melvin.
It captures his sweet and goofy look.
Mia became comfortable enough around him to indulge in a
roll in something nasty she found in the pasture.
He seemed clueless about the point of playing
ball but was willing to give it a try.
Having a dog of Melvin's size and energy bounding after you
could be quite intimidating, but Mia is very fast.

Melvin actually got to hold the ball, which he never did
when playing with Theo.

He will be a great dog as well as a Great Dane. We wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home, Melvin!

Anonymous said...

I love happy endings.