Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Maya plus one

I'm trying to get back to hiking regularly again. When I went out during the summer it was generally just with Maya because the other dogs were getting plenty of outdoor activity and handling one dog was enough for me in the heat. It's cooler now so I can walk two dogs again and outdoor activity is more restricted due to weather and shorter days. So now we are back to hiking with Maya, and a rotating "plus one."

Max's coat is good camouflage with the forest
floor this time of year.
Last Saturday Max was the lucky one. We had a nice five mile hike at Pleasant Grove starting at the trailhead behind the library.

Theo looks good in his harness, actually he looks good period.
He was happy to be included on Monday's walk.
I kept Theo indoors on Monday for the most part because the dog yard was muddy from Sunday's rain. Theo runs the fence line and gets to be a muddy mess, so I kept him indoors. Consequently, he was the "plus one" for Monday's five miler. We covered some of the same trail, but with a different starting point and a different route.

Laying between my legs in bed this morning.

Maya doesn't care which other dogs she walks with, if any, as long as she's walking with me. She is still not allowing any other dog to be closer to me than she is. She's not nasty about it, but she pushes her way in and demands my attention. I can get away with petting a second dog with a free hand as long as she doesn't see it, but if she does, she wants both hands on her.

I am her chosen one, her "plus one" for all occasions.

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Anonymous said...

I love Maya's smile. She's in love!