Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter? Solstice

Wednesday was the day of the Winter Solstice, but it sure didn't look or feel like winter around here. I'm ok with that. I had the day off and got a lot of small stuff accomplished, including a pasture romp with five shepherds (that's a shitload of shepherd). Today's cast of characters: Theo, Trooper, Max, Xochi, guest star Toquima, with a special appearance by Samantha.

That's Toquima in front, followed by Xochi.

This was Xochi's first pasture romp. I had to show her
the back gate, but once she was out she enjoyed it.

Theo in the center with the ball, of course.
Toquima on the left and Xochi on the right.

Max mostly ran by himself, but he didn't spin and scream.

Xochi played ball and she would even bring it back.

Theo is all about the ball and the others joined in.

Xochi, Theo, and Toquima, all with a ball in their mouths.

Xochi had obviously played ball before.
Max eventually dropped his stick and picked
up a ball as well.

Toquima followed Trooper out to the front fence.


Toquima prances when he runs.


Toquima dogging Theo. That's our house in the background
for those who haven't seen it.
Toquima isn't really into playing ball, but that's
all Theo wants to do out there.

Xochi and Toquima

Toquima tried his best to get Theo to play instead of playing
ball, but that's a hopeless task.

Toquima adopted the "if you can't beat them, join them"
philosophy and picked up a ball.

Trooper spent most of his time at the front fence. I got this
picture of him when I called him in. He's not running like he
used to, but he still does.

Shepherds, shepherds everywhere.

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