Thursday, December 1, 2016

Great Dane Day

It was a Great Dane kind of day.

I took Gigi to the vet to follow up on her emergency vet visit last Sunday. She had come up lame and was crying out in pain. Clay was off that day, which was convenient, and they went to the ER vet to get her checked out. They did a lot of blood work which was expensive but it was all normal. The xrays didn't really show anything other than some arthritis so she came home with some pain meds and the assumption that she had probably pulled or sprained a muscle in one of jumps on or off the bed or the occasional mad dashes that she makes outside and then coming back in.

She has improved a lot on the medication in just a few days and today she had good range of motion in all her joints and she didn't seem to be in pain. We will start her on a joint supplement and taper off the pain meds and she how it goes. She was good at the vet, but she was very nervous and was happy when we left.

Maya was along for the ride, of course so both the crates in my van were occupied when we stopped at Green Dogs on the way home to meet Melvin. Yes, his name is Melvin. What kind of person names their dog Melvin?  Like that's any kind of name for a Great Dane.
I love this stripe on the back
of his head.

Melvin got dumped with another rescue group where he was placed with a foster who couldn't handle him. They didn't have another foster home for him so he came to Green Dogs because I had agreed to take him in when I got back from Kansas. Erika met him and I met him and we didn't see anything wrong with him other than the fact that he's a 14 month old puppy. After the Beast, he is a piece of cake, at least so far.

It was still daylight when we got home but not for long. I put him into the dog yard after moving Max indoors, Abby to the kennel, and Theo to the shed. He met Theo first and just wanted to run and play with him. He had appropriate greeting behavior, absolutely no problem, and even gave Theo a play bow to invite him to give chase. Abby's greeting style leaves a LOT to be desired. She's a real bitch, but she let him know right from the start that his size is no match for her attitude. He handled it very well, however, and they were running and playing within a matter of minutes.
Meeting Theo
His face looks more boxer-like
than Dane from this angle.

He just wanted to run.

Giving Theo a play bow as an invitation to play.

Handsome dog.

After Abby settled down they ran together and will be
good for each other.

Melvin, Theo, and Abby


Byron's mom said...

He's adorable!!! You are right- his face looks much more like a boxer than a dane. Either way- he's a gorgeous guy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was named for Melvin the Martian?