Monday, December 5, 2016

Melvin has a play date

Melvin had a play date with Felix on Sunday. Felix is a former foster, adopted by friends who live nearby. I've always thought Felix is part Great Dane, although he's only about half the size. Felix is young, playful, agile, and very fast. Melvin is bigger, of course, but Felix employed his agility and speed to very good advantage.

The dogs had never met before and I should have done a better job with introductions. They were a bit unsure of each other at first, but soon figured out how to play. The fact that they both wanted to play was a big motivator.

They played pretty rough, or at least that seemed that way from my point of view, but the only ones in danger were Paul (Felix's dad) and I who were trying to be bystanders and spectators to this contact sport. The dogs wanted us to be more actively involved. No, thank you, but it was fun to watch.

It took them a little bit to figure each other out.

Felix was always in the lead when
they were running, he is fast!

Felix can twist and turn two different ways at once, in mid-air. 

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