Friday, December 16, 2016

Cold weather days

Thursday was sunny, but the wind was cold and brutal. I took Maya and Sparky for a 3.5 mile hike, but we stayed mostly in the woods to avoid the bite of the wind. They enjoyed it and I was glad to get Sparky out again, almost as glad as he was. 

Most of the dogs are spending most of their time indoors lately, and everyone is inside at night, but Max and Abby have been sharing the dog yard during the day. Abby likes to play rough, big dog style, and she hasn't really had a playmate since Melvin got adopted. I decided to try her with Max and the two of them hit it off. She has succeeded in getting him to play like a normal dog even outdoors. Maya has sometimes engaged Max in play inside, but when he's outside he tends to go crazy when other dogs play and he never seems to know how to join in. One-on-one with Abby she has been running with him and wrestling with him in a way no other dog ever has. 

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