Friday, December 2, 2016

Melvin and Abby play

I went back inside after getting everyone fed this morning because it was just barely light outside. I had a cup of coffee and settled down at the computer. When I went back for my second cup, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Melvin and Abby tearing around the dog yard, playing chase and having a great time. After bringing in Trooper and Theo, I went back out with my camera when there was enough light to have a chance at some decent pics.

Initially they both wanted to play with me but that doesn't make for very good pictures. I started tossing toys, ropes, sticks, and finally hit on something that caught their interest - an 18" long, twisted plastic "rope", hard enough to stand up to teeth, but still flexible. Melvin liked it and because he liked it, Abby wanted it. Game on.

He's fast and agile so he can get away from her when he needs to.

Later in the morning we drove out to
 Crozet to visit Daphne and her mom.
Daphne has been having some medical
issues but she looked good today and
was happy to see me.
Daphne and her mom took us out to Mint
Springs Valley Park near Crozet and showed
us the hiking trails. Maya and I did about a
1.5 mile hike. It's a beautiful place and we'll
be back to do the rest of the trails.

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