Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lesser photographed dogs

There are some dogs around here who just don't get their pictures taken as much as others.

Here's a selection of photographs of the less frequently viewed dogs. Chief among them is Vince, and that poor guy is underrepresented even here so he's getting the top spot.

Vince is pretty easy going, but the one thing he insists upon
is having this spot next to me at night. I had to move Toquima
from it last night so Vince would settle or no one was going
to get any sleep.

Trooper's morning face. He has a condition called Pannus that
clouds the eyes and obscures vision. I've been pretty good about
doing the daily eyedrops lately and he's gotten very good
about coming into the bathroom at night to sit for me to do them.

Trooper waiting to be let in and fed at the back
door of the dog yard shed.

It was raining this morning so I wasn't in a hurry to get out of
bed; Trooper came over to see what was taking me so long.

Sparky is spending more and more time indoors.
He's getting along fine with everyone, but I still
don't entirely trust him and Theo together.

Gigi in her natural habitat, our bed.
She did go out on a hike with
Maya and I last week.

She is showing more gray these days but
she's aging gracefully, of course.

Last but not least is Samantha. She is vying for the least
photographed title along with the Vince, however. That's
mostly because she and Vince do their own thing. They go
out on their own, patrol the yard, and take care of dog business.

Samantha "helping" as I filled bird feeders.

She's a sweet girl, but she's part rottweiler and she's very old, stubborn, and set in her ways.
We let her do what she wants, mostly because it's not unreasonable and it's impossible to
convince her to do otherwise. She has us well trained although she would prefer
a three meal per day eating plan.

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