Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Toquima comes for Christmas

Toquima has come to spend some time with us over the holidays. I think he genuinely enjoys his visits. It's a lot of outdoor time and dog-on-dog play and social time. He came in as he always does, greeted the regulars, met the two new ones, and made himself at home. The household count is up to 11 and the bedroom count is at 7 now, but everyone has a bed and somehow it works.
Toquima with Theo

Meeting Xochi (left) and Trooper (right).

I let him get acquainted with Abby through the fence during
the day and then they met nose-to-nose indoors in the evening.
The next day they were out in the dog yard together.
Left to right: Toquima, Xochi, and Theo

The newest girl, Xochi, on Playstation K9

Toquima meeting Abby indoors in the evening.

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