Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just some pics

(A note about photo layout.  Blogger really sucks at layout, or at least I don't know how to do it very well.  I mess around with them a lot but don't always get them aligned the way I want them.  And of course the view will vary depending on the size of the viewer's screen.  Generally speaking, for best results, maximine the size of your viewing window.)
Stately Gigi on her bed next to mine at night.
Gigi hiding between my legs under my desk during a storm.

Trooper, resting his head on me, saying good morning.
Gigi's morning greeting.

A classic Hank action shot

Gigi and Radley in the pasture today

The scene at the fence when the neighbor dogs come over.
Look at all those tails held high. 
Everyone's a bad ass from their own side of the fence.
This is Vince.  I've been surprised at how well he gets
along with other dogs and at how much he enjoys the pasture romp.
He's a good old dog.

Gigi and Hank


Lynette Lauer said...

its nice just seeing dogs being dogs!

Lindsay said...

"everyone's a badass on their own side of the fence." HAHAHAHA. so true.

Anonymous said...

I love the morning greeeting shots! What better way to be be woken up!

Maryo said...

The expression of Gigi hiding under the desk is all too familiar. Loved the pictures. Have a great weekend!