Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guard duty

Trooper, Hank, Daisy
I don't really have anything to say, but I have a few pics. 

This is a 6' high platform I built in the dog yard a couple years ago.  It's been Trooper's spot for quite a while.  He eats up there and it's his guard tower, his sentinel post, where he surveys the world and keeps us safe from marauding birds (a big threat in his mind), and home invaders, (basically anyone who isn't Clay or me).

There are steps going up to the top of the platform, but  Trooper has pretty much always had that place to himself.  Until lately.  Hank and Daisy have discovered Trooper's hideaway.  I don't think he's overly thrilled about it, but Trooper is very tolerant of other dogs.
Same pic, cropped to a close up. 
Hank looks like a junior Trooper, very similar markings.
 Daisy looks really leggy here.

This is one of my favorite pics and probably my absolute favorite picture of Trooper.
He is shepherding his guard tower, alert to everything going on over the entire property.
He inherited that job from Gypsy, and I think she would grudgingly admit that he's pretty good at it, for a boy.

A friend posted this on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago.  Trooper could have posed for three of these at least. 
He's the fierce, in-your-face bad ass,
the nobel sentinel and guardian,
and the big goof who sleeps on his back with all four legs in the air. 


Anonymous said...

Just when poor Trooper thought he could have some quality alone time... That shot of the three of them is adorable!

Jo Heil said...

your friend hit the nail on the head with his pictures and captions

BudsBuddy said...

I like the one of the 3 dogs on the tower, because hounds love to climb, and I imagine that Hank loves to do just about anything!

My rottie could also pose for many of those GSD pictures, and the final one would show him begging at the table with long strands of drool puddling on the floor ;)