Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday vet visit

Gigi needed a vet visit because the only thing I had on her was a current rabies vaccine.  I wanted to wait until she trusted me enough to feel comfortable going to a new place so we didn't rush it.  Daisy also needed to go because some of her vaccines were coming due and I wanted records without the old owner's contact info.  Today I took both girls to town for a 10:00 a.m. appointment. 

Neither dog was anxious to get into the van, but they both rode well.  I cleared out the rear of the van to give Gigi a nice big place, although she attempted to climb over the crates in the back to get near me.  Fortunately, she didn't try too hard and then she settled down for the ride. 

Both girls were very good with the vet and techs, and both tested negative for heartworm/lyme/erlichia.  It was easy and uneventful, which I appreciate.  I got Gigi's nails trimmed a bit too, they were very long. 

By the time I got back home and had everyone fed and settled in someplace for the day, about four hours had gone by, but I think that all my fosters are now speutered, vaccinated, and ready to go. 

Gigi came up to my office where she is having a nice nap after eating a big breakfast.  Daisy went out to the dog yard to play with the other fosters. Rex actually joined in the play a little bit until he started acting stupid and then he got his butt kicked by Radley.

Radley's butt, Hank's face, Rex in profile at rear, Lana's brindle back, and Daisy on top of Hank.

Daisy, left, Rex at rear, Radley on the right, a bit of Lana's back in the middle,
and Hank, in the middle of it all and smiling.

L to R:  Rex, Daisy, Lana, Hank, Radley


IndestructibleLioness said...

What kind of dog Is Radley(hope I got the name right)? He kinda looks a bit like a Pit Bull Terrier in some of the shots them he looks like a spotted Blue Lacy in one shot of him running. I have a rescued female American Pit Bull Terrier with similer markings.

Brent said...

Radley is a pit bull and/or American Bull Dog, which are bred from pits anyway. He's a sweet boy. I'm not familiar with the spotted Blue Lacy.