Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rapid rescue

This is the way I like for it to work.  I went up to Ruckersville to pick up the rottie today.  I saw that the paperwork had his name spelled as Radix rather than Raddicks.  It's still an odd name.  I arrived shortly before the owner and had Radix on a leash by the time she arrived.  He was friendly and happy to see me, and I think he would have been happy to see anyone.  He went into a crate in my van without too much urging and we went back to Charlottesville to get him vaccinated because he only had a current rabies vaccine.  That was easy, he was good with the vet techs, and he tested negative for heartworm.  Then it was up Rt. 29 to Culpeper to meet his new foster dad.  This is the home that adopted Sable from me, and Rowdy (now Bernie), and Zoe the boxer too.  They also took care of Tasha to the end of her life.  It's obviously a home that I like and trust. 

Radix met the first of their dogs and did fine.  He's very excited, stressed even, but happy.  He's been living outdoors in a small pen for several years, let out only on a cable from time to time.  He's in a much better place and I think he will adjust and settle in happily.  It will be a big change for him, but I know they will give it a good chance to work. 

One of the best things, in addition to the fact that I don't have yet another dog here tonight, is that the whole circuit was completed in just about five hours or so.  I've had longer days that accomplished less. 

While I was away, Daisy's prospective adopters came and took her for a few hours.  They went to the river and had another meeting with their own dogs.  They are quite taken with her and she with them.  They are coming by Sunday morning to do the paperwork and will then pick her up next Friday starting their new relationship over the long holiday weekend. 

I'm going to Kansas for Memorial Day weekend, leaving Clay here in charge of things.  I'm planning to board a few of the dogs just to get the numbers and noise down to a manageble level for him while I'm away.

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BudsBuddy said...

Nice work! The rotties I have known have readily adapted to all the pleasures of indoor life: human contact, soft beds, and plenty of toys and treats :) The spirits of Tasha and Sable are surely shining upon their handsome successor!