Friday, May 25, 2012

One more romp before I go

Zachary lays in the water tank after his pasture romp.
I'm heading to Kansas tomorrow for about a week.  I took Gypsy Jr., Max, Dixie, and Hank to a boarding kennel to lighten the load on Clay who will still have our five plus five adult fosters, and the three pups to care for.  Daisy will be going to her new home tomorrow.

I did some mowing with Gigi, Rex, Vince, and Daisy.  Cabell, Bremo, and Zachary had a run in the pasture too. 

Vince holds his own when running with bigger,
younger, faster dogs.  He has shed some pounds.
He will be Rex's babysitter this next week.
Rex acted like a normal dog for a while, until the running stopped and then he went into his tail chasing/spinning.  Once he starts that behavior he can not stop it himself and it's as if he can not hear me until I get within a few feet of him.  It's a terrible obsessive/compulsive disorder.  I've had to stop the prozac because his guts can't handle it.  I don't know what he will be like by the time I get home.  He really needs to move someplace where he will be inside all the time, with just one or two other dogs, or none.  He's good indoors, and I've had him indoors all this week.  He will be outside while I'm gone, however, because of his digestive problems.  With fewer dogs (I boarded the major barkers) things will be calmer here.  He and Vince will have the dog yard to themselves.  It seems that he just can not handle stimulation.  His activity needs to be directed, on a leash, or he quickly reverts to the OCD behavior.  In the right home, he might be all right and he might get over this, I don't know.  Or it might be that the kindest thing I can do is to euthanize him.  Will reassess upon my return.

One of the Pyr mix pups.
Bremo still has that puppy look on his face.

The pups are growing and are very cute. 

This Rex (left) and Daisy (right). 
I don't think either of them has more than one foot on the ground, they were flying.

The pups have lots of toys and things to climb on, hide under, etc.
They have learned to climb up onto the center platform to lay in the sun.

My new girlfriend is so pretty.


BudsBuddy said...

Hope Rex does ok. Our dog always reverts to his foot chewing behavior when I am away (even if he is with my husband), and I have a week or so of rehab when I get back. Seems like it would be worth it to give Rex a chance in a quieter foster home (if possible) before giving up. Have a good week!

Brent said...

Yes, I am definitely going to try to find him another foster home. He needs calm and quiet which is rarely our house. But, not a lot of people want to take on a problem dog. We will see.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics and can't believe how big the puppies are getting!! I really hope that someone can give rex a quieter home. I understand pets with ocd and sometimes it just takes them being the only dog. I hope you have a great vacation and get some R&R in!

Britta said...

Enjoy your time away.

Anonymous said...

Been reading this blog for awhile but i have been lazy to drop a comment and say thanks. That ends these days: Thanks mate!