Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday fun day

Radley, on the run
Lana and Vince, taking a break
The dogs had fun anyway, and that seems to be what it's all about around here. 

I mowed the far lower corner of the pasture and ran three groups of dogs.  First it was our five plus Daisy and Vince.  Then Cabell, Bremo, and Zachary went in, and replaced by Radley, Hank, and Lana.  Then I got everyone in except Daisy (she just won't come in from the pasture), and took out Max and Dixie.

Everyone got a good run, so things should be quiet this evening.  The young ones rest and recover quickly however, and are ready to go at it again, that would be Daisy and Hank especially. 
The foster dogs stick closer to me than our own dogs.
I guess I'm still intersting to them.

Vince, Daisy, and Gigi, in the shade

Hank and Daisy at far left rear, then Vince and Radley.
Lana at right and Gigi in front.

Dixie and Max

I know someone is thinking, "that's a lot of pictures of Gigi".
Yes, I know, but she's my new girl, she's very pretty,
and she's always nearby.
Refilling the water tank with fresh water after the run.
Gigi, Lana, Daisy

After the run,everyone is tired, but Hank grabbed the rope and Daisy wasn't about to quit on him.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures, it seems like Gigi knows now that she is settled with her Dad. She looks so relaxed! Not the nevous girl she was when she first came to you!!