Monday, May 14, 2012


If I don't get this girl adopted pretty soon, she's going to be mine. 

I took Gigi, Hank, Rex, Daisy, and Dixie to Gainesville on Sunday for an adoption event. 

Rex was going to move to another foster but proved to be too cat-aggressive.  We got some great pictures of him though as you can see here, and he was basically pretty good.  He barfed in his crate last night and isn't feeling too perky today, I'm not sure why.

I thought I had a good prospect for Daisy too, but that didn't pan out.  All in all, it was pretty much a bust, a full day and $50 of gas up in smoke. 

Gigi was scared, didn't want to even get out of the van.  When she did, she stuck very close to me.  She would let other people touch her and even hold her leash if I walked away, but when I was with her, she kept herself in contact with me.  This pic of her with her paw on my leg pretty much sums it up. 

She was popular, lots of folks liked her, and I've had a couple more inquiries about her. 


Nerdy Knitter said...

The paw on the leg would slay me--she'd already be mine if I was you!!!

Anonymous said...

That shot of Gigi's paw on your knee is precious! I think you need to admit that you are quite smitten with her and want her for your own family! I think she wants that as well! :-)

BudsBuddy said...

Gigi does seem like a lovely and soulful girl, and you've been taken with her from the get-go. I like the bottom photo of her with the flying nun ears ;) There does seem to be a dearth of female energy in your home now, with the loss of Emmylou, Gypsy and Molly. And we know what happens when there is "room at the inn" ....