Sunday, July 20, 2014

Floating with friends

Tricia Johnson (in front) with husband, William
I had been debating on whether to do another hike on Sunday or to put the canoe in the water. Saturday evening I got a message from my friend Tricia about a canoe trip on Sunday so that made the decision an easy one. She and her husband, William, were in their canoe affectionate named "Old Tippy" and I was in my nameless one-man canoe.


We didn't start early enough to see any wildlife, but it was a great day. There were a lot of other people on the river today and that was nice to see. Same old stretch of river for me, but I don't mind, at least I'm familiar with a number of the obstacles. The water level is dropping because we haven't had any serious rain in several weeks. We didn't set any speed records but we didn't set out to; we had a very nice float.

Low water levels made for several tricky crossings.

This was a first for me, we encountered horseback riders.
The river goes past the Pleasant Grove property where I hike.

Another first, pictures of myself in the canoe,
courtesy of Tricia.

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