Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday adoption event

I drove into the heart of Fairfax County today to an adoption event held near the intersections of Rts. 29 and 50. I got there early and drove around a bit, recognizing virtually nothing because there has been so much change in the area since we lived there. Even more change from the years when I first lived in northern Virginia, but thinking about that just makes me feel old.  
Gambit with his short-lived tennis ball

I took just the two seniors, Gambit and Stella. The only place for a dog to pee is on the planted medians in the parking lot, but there was a nice covered (shaded) wide sidewalk in front of the store and a little breeze so it was a pretty pleasant afternoon.

One of the volunteers handling Gambit gave him a tennis ball and he popped it immediately and began to destroy it. We were outside a pet store, so his handler took him inside and let him pick out a new and more durable toy. He chose a squeaky one, of course, and proceeded to fixate on that most all of the time we were there. When it would roll away he'd go after it, or catch it if someone threw it back to him. As the day wore on, he realized he didn't need to get up to go after it, someone would always retrieve it and return it to him so he just stayed put.  He's not a dumb dog.

Stella on one of the bed provided
The organizer of the event had thoughtfully provided some large comforters folded into about 3' squares for the dogs to lay on.  Gambit and Stella both had one and Gambit pretty much stuck to his although he moved back and forth between the two. He was quite a clown and everyone liked him.

Gambit and his new toy, a squeaker
Former foster Trinity was there.
She is with another foster home.
She looked great and was sort
of glad to see me I think.
She is beautiful. 
Stella was more interested in the people and getting attention and petting. A couple folks did some more grooming on her and the shepherd fur was flying in the breeze. 

It was a 2.5 hour drive each way and I only lasted about 2.5 hours at the event so it was a long day and a lot of miles. No real prospects, but I knew that these dogs would not be fast turnovers. Although Gambit squeaked his toy non-stop while we were there, I didn't hear a sound from either dog on the drive home.

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