Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New York Pride

Clay (right) and his brother Hugh (left).
We stay with Hugh in NYC. He has an apartment
in mid-town Manhattan, the center of the universe.
I haven't shared any of my pics from our New York trip yet, although I posted some on Facebook at the time.  Sorry for the repeats for those who see both, but here's a few that I liked best after being home a couple weeks.
The American Museum of Natural History is
one of my favorites and we visit it often.

Hedwig is the hottest ticket on Broadway
and Hugh got us seats fifth row center.
This is the greatest show,
I can't begin to describe it.

Times Square at night is not like any place else.

We took a historic walking tour focused
NYC during the revolution.  Small group,
great guide, learned a lot.

This is the first year we've been able to get tickets
to "The Book of Mormon."  It was fun, it was good,
but I can't call it great in the same week that we
saw "Hedwig."

Craft beer has come to NewYork.
This is inside the Pony Bar,
probably the best beer bar we found.

It happened that we were in New York for Gay Pride.  We went to a couple Pride events, including
the parade, although we didn't stay for all of it.

The new mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio
walked in the parade, as did Gov. Cuomo,
Sen. Chuck Shumer, and many other
elected officials, all Democrats.
The Boy Scout contingent.  It's hard to
grasp how far we've come even if we
aren't there yet. 

The big-ass Pride flag was part of the Walmart entry.  I'm guessing Sam Walton was rolling
over in his grave.  I wish the rest of that family would join him soon.
We had a nice time.

Meanwhile, back at the Pony Bar
(which is straight, by the way, but in NYC
it doesn't make a lot of difference.)

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Anonymous said...

NYC is a great place for being able to just be yourself. You don't have to worry so much about looking different or dressing different, because everyone is different! That and the food are what I miss about back home.

So glad you had a great trip and got to see some good shows as well!