Sunday, July 13, 2014

Steamy Sunday

Gambit in the middle of a circle of admirers, with his ball.
I'm glad that the triathlon was yesterday because today started out as steamy, sultry day and just got hotter and more oppressive as the day went on.  It was one of those typical Virginia summer days-- hazy, hot, and humid.  The kind that makes you understand why everyone in the south is slow:  first, it's just too hot to move fast; and second, everyone's brain has been partially turned to mush from steaming inside the skull.  I don't handle this kind of weather very well, it gets on my nerves and my patience wears thin very quickly.  So I decided early this morning to just take Stella, Charlie, and Gambit to the VGSR adoption event in Gainesville.  I could have taken Max or Ochie as a fourth, but either of them would have worn me out very quickly in this heat.

Stella was a gem, sweet and friendly to everyone.  Gambit was too, particularly after a volunteer gave him a tennis ball to hold and play with.  He showed off his catching skills, including his jumping ability in spite of his wobbly rear end.  No one thought that Stella looked or acted 12 years of age.  Both of the seniors enjoyed the attention and activity.  Charlie surprised us all by being a butthead towards other dogs, including my own.  I ended up holding him and eventually put him back in the van with the A/C running for about the last half hour.
Charlie the butthead.  He was good with
people but barky towards other dogs today.

A couple who had adopted a shepherd named Hope from me about five years ago came by looking for another.  Hope had passed on but I was very happy that they came back to a rescue to save another dog.  A man and his son who adopted Trouble from me also stopped by, to say hello and to return a leash and slip collar that I had forgotten about.  It was great to see her.

I had hoped to meet up with a prospective new foster for Stella, but the timing didn't work today so we'll do it next weekend instead.  I left a little early, but came home with three tired dogs and a carload of donated dog food.
Former foster, Trouble, now named Maya.

Charlie eating some ice.

Maya (formerly Trouble) meeting Stella

Mary adopted Dusty from me
many years ago.  She held
Stella today.

Even at 12 years, Stella is a really
good looking German Shepherd Dog.

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