Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sleeping space

Pretty girl, morning, noon, or night.
Clay is out of town for a few days, which means there's competition for his spot in bed.  Instead of having more space with him away, I find myself with less and less.

Trooper's nose.  He's squeezed into some hypothetical space
between me and Gigi.
Gigi moves up from the foot of the bed to lounge against his pillows.  But she tries to stake out a place in the center rather on the right side.

Trooper feels that there must be space for him if Clay is gone so he gets up and pushes in between me and Gigi.

Maya hops up and sprawls on top of everyone for a while but then claims the space where Gigi actually should be.

Vince sticks to the dog bed on my side of the room.  He used to stay in the office at night but he dropped to the fact that all the household dogs come to the bedroom while the fosters stay in the office.  He likes to get in bed but he doesn't at night.  On rare occasions when I have to nap during the day I sometimes wake to find him snuggled up against my legs.

This morning I awoke pinned on my side, mere inches from the edge of the bed.  I pushed everyone out, claimed my spot, and made them all start over.  But, by that time I was wide awake so we just got up.

Gigi's big eyes are so expressive,
she rarely needs to speak.
Vince always looks a little worried.

Maya is such an angel, when she's sleeping.
Big yawn from Trooper

Trooper, on the dog bed where he's supposed to be.
You can guess whose paw that is reaching out to touch his.


Britta said...

Great post Brent. Your comments on the photos made me laugh. So true.

Anonymous said...

Love this post and the photos!