Saturday, July 18, 2015

Adoption day for Angus

Angus' new adopter lives in D.C. He was going to drive down this morning to meet and adopt Angus, but I decided to go up to a Promises Animal Rescue adoption event in NoVA, so he just met us there. Setting up a dog with an adopter is a bit like playing matchmaker, and this was sort of a blind date for both of them. They hit if off though, as I thought they would. He bought Angus a new toy, a new crate, a collar, and they went off together. Angus hopped right in his car and seemed happy to go. I'm happy for both of them.

He's a first time shepherd owner and lives in an apartment or condo or something, but Angus came from a similar situation and I'm sure his new home will be more upscale.

Mostly I think it will be a good match because the new owner is a young man with the energy to match that of a young male shepherd. He wants to get the dog into training, which is good for both of them, and he lives near a park for plenty of exercise opportunities. Angus has a good background of training and socialization so I think he'll be good for a first time shepherd owner. He's not a "difficult" dog who is constantly challenging you.

Everyone involved wants it to work and will do their part, so that should be enough to make it happen. I've been promised pics and updates so we'll see more of Angus in the future.

Angus' adopter was prepared to drive down here, which I liked and appreciated, compared to so many who will only consider adopting a dog if it's convenient for them. But I needed to go to an adoption event today anyway. I hadn't been to one in quite a while and I was wanting to take Theo. I was very upfront with everyone and told them that Theo wasn't really up for adoption at this point. He was mostly there for show-and-tell. I wanted to show him off and I wanted to see what he was like around new people and unknown dogs. He was great. I could have adopted him out three or four times today, easily. But he came home with me.

Krypto as a puppy
One of the Promises volunteers is the woman who adopted Woody from me. She held Theo for me today while I dealt with Angus' adoption. Woody is one of the pups I nursed through parvo a while back. He's one of the lucky ones who made it.
Krypto meeting Theo

After a while her husband and son came by with Woody, now named Krypto.

He looks great and it was wonderful to see him. In addition to surviving parvo, this dog survived a house fire that destroyed his house. He is definitely living a charmed life.

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