Monday, July 20, 2015

Hot hiking

Maya, Max, and Theo
As hot as it was, you'd think they would
have spread out a little, but everyone
wanted to be in the center of the trail.
I didn't have time for multiple hikes today, so I took a trio, Max, Theo, and Maya, and set out for a four mile walk. It was a hot day and I planned a route with four water crossings for the dogs to drink and cool off. My route ended up being five miles rather than four and I can really feel it tonight.  It was well into the 90s, very humid, and not a breath of wind. I should have laid down in the stream myself.

Theo and Max, cooling in the stream.

That's a lot of dog to walk even in decent weather. 

I'm taking tomorrow off from the hiking because I need to go
meet this guy.

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