Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Anika has left the building

Anika in July
I'm overdue giving an update on Anika. The short version is that she's fine. Her condition is much improved from where we started and she's certainly more comfortable and attractive.

The longer version starts with an email I received from the owner while I was still out in Kansas. He had decided to move back to the west coast and wanted to re-home Anika. I had other things to deal with at the time and didn't respond. But after getting back home I got a second email, essentially the same. I was more than a little disappointed because the point of doing this had been to keep the dog with the owner. I suggested posting the dog on the VGSR website as what we call "an other available" dog. Essentially it's a courtesy listing we do for dogs who are not part of the rescue. He wrote up a bio and sent in pictures and apparently had a couple very quick responses, one of whom drove down for northern Virginia and took her home.

Anika in June
I would have taken her in myself if she didn't get placed before he left town, but that wasn't necessary. I hope it was someone who had already been approved by the rescue to adopt but hadn't found a dog within the rescue. I hope they know what they are getting into in dealing with this dog and this disease and have the resources to manage it. All I know for sure is that they were told about the dog having Cushings and they did call my vet and get the records sent up to their vet.

It's not the best possible outcome, or maybe it is, I don't know. It's certainly not the worst. It puts me in a bit of an awkward position because I collected more money than I spent on Anika's treatment since it was abbreviated by her departure.

Anika in May, where we started
I thank everyone who donated, via PayPal or by sending me cash or checks. Unless you have told me to keep the excess and use it for the next dog, I'm going to issue pro rata refunds so you can "use it for the next dog." This weekend I will sit down and figure out all the math. If I make a mistake about your intention and you don't get a refund check, please let me know; I appreciate your trust and faith in me but I want to do what's right.

I've posted three pictures here, in reverse order, because I wanted the first picture to show her at her best. You can definitely see the improvement in her skin and coat in a relatively short period of time. Looking at the July picture, I can certainly understand why no one would hesitate to adopt her. She looks great!  Thank you all.


P.S. And a special thank you to Dr. Allison Kramer and the staff at Old Dominion Animal Hospital. You are the best and we couldn't do this without you.

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