Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday walks

It's not really hot right now, but it's hazy, cloudy, and about 100% humidity, so it's very wet and you just can't call it a nice day. On the other hand, it wasn't doing anything that actually precluded outdoor activities, and I've consumed birthday cake and beers this weekend, so I decided I'd better get some exercise.
Merit at the edge of the river. Maya walked right in and so
did Merit at first, having no idea what it was. When she found
out it was wet and splashed on her, she backed out and was
reluctant to go back in. She will get used to it.

Friends Tricia and William and their new Pyr puppy, Merit, joined me along with Maya and Gigi for the first walk of the day. I hadn't met Merit yet and wanted to do so while she was still a puppy. She's adorable, of course, and she did very well meeting my two girls.

Gigi had been wanting to go. She had been running over to the van whenever she was outside and would jump right into the back if it was open. I'm not sure if she was wanting to go for a hike, but we only did about 1.5 miles and she was fine with that.
Gigi enjoyed the walk once we got started.

Merit and Maya. Maya met the puppy with her
hackles up as she meets all new dogs, but there
were no problems. Gigi pretty much just ignored her.
Maya waiting for the photo op to be over so the
walk could resume.

William with Gigi and Tricia with Merit.

1.5 miles from the dog park
down to the river and back.

Max and Maya
A little later in the day I went out for another walk, this time with Maya and Max. We did our usual daily four miles. They spotted a deer, which made for some excitement, but otherwise we seemed to have the trails to ourselves in the afternoon. 

Maya and Trooper
Maya and Trooper
After we got back home I did some mowing and watered the container garden and then decided to do one more walk for the day. Trooper, like Gigi, had been indicating a desire to get in the van and go. He likes to go, but he's getting up there in age now and he just can't go very far or very fast. That was fine with me, because being the third walk of the day I wasn't interested in going very far or fast either. We did two miles and that was plenty for all three of us.

The two mile, Maya and Trooper walk

Four miles, Maya and Max

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