Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I haven't just fallen off the diet and exercise bandwagon, I've sat on my butt and watched as it disappeared in the distance. The last month I logged over 100 miles of hiking was April. May was only 55 miles and I barely managed 30 in June. I've had some other stuff to deal with, but much of the drop is due to heat and humidity. I like winter weather best for hiking, always have and always will. The dogs like it better too. Today was the first of July, a new month, and time for a new beginning.

I went with Maya and Max. They are the two that need it most. Maya likes to go but she's not real enthusiastic about it in the summer after the first mile or so. Max is one of those dogs who would run until they drop, so he set the pace today.

We only did four miles but I think I'll make that my goal for the summer. It's enough for any of us when it's hot and if I do it daily, or almost daily, it will add up. Getting back to better eating habits is the other part of the equation, of course, so this evening I made a big shopping trip to Giant and stocked up.

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Irene said...

it's all those nice, cool pasta salads with (unfortunately) mayo. Then the fresh fruit that just cries out for shortcake and whipped cream!
Plus, the heat!!