Friday, July 10, 2015

Drenched dogs

Maya, Theo, and Max
Maya at the first creek crossing.
I haven't walked a trio of dogs in quite a while, but today I decided to take Max, Theo, and Maya out together. I've had Theo long enough to know he's pretty good on the trails, and Max is too really. I've been walking him with a prong collar to handle the pulling when he spots a deer or picks up on the scent of a deer.

It's been humid and sultry all week, with storm clouds forming but passing us by. Not long after starting out I heard some thunder, but it sounded pretty far off. It grew closer and some very welcome wind blew up, and then I heard the rain. We were quite a ways out on the trail by that point and wind and rain were cooler so I didn't much mind. It soon became a downpour, however, so we headed back to the pole barn at Pleasant Grove.
Max, cooling off in the creek

We were drenched long before we got there, but it offered a dry spot to sit and wait out the worst of the rain. I'm really afraid of lightning any more so I wanted to be under some structure that was grounded. When they rebuilt the pole barn after it collapsed under a snow load a few years ago, it's now wired with lights and electrical outlets so I figured we'd be safe under there.

The pole barn is open on the sides, but it's big enough that
the center remained dry since the wind wasn't really blowing.
When the rain slowed, we went back out and walked enough to finish our four miles for the day. I got back home to find a very distraught Gigi, who had finished tearing up the carpet and padding in the small bathroom and had pooped in the kitchen. She doesn't like storms but I didn't realize it was that bad.
Theo looks good even wet.

The streams come up fast and flow very hard
after a hard rain storm like this one.

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