Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cole's arrival

Cole is about a year and seven months old. He had been adopted out from the shelter as a puppy. It sounds like some changes occurred in the owner's life, the dog went to live in the country with his parents, and ended up back at the shelter. Young shepherds between one and two years of age are not uncommon in shelters. People get them as pups thinking they will automatically grow into the well-trained dog of their dreams. That is a dream. In reality, shepherds, and probably all dogs, go through a period not unlike a human child's teenage years. They can be rambunctious, rebellious, and just plain obnoxious. In the case of shepherds, those characteristics and their size often gets them into trouble, or people just decide they are more trouble than they are worth. That's when they get dumped, or in this case, returned.

Cole wasn't doing well at the shelter. His pent up energy combined with his big bark and lack of manners didn't make him highly adoptable, and it was difficult to judge the "real dog" in that environment. So he came to live with us.

He hopped right into the crate in my van and settled down quietly for the ride home. After rearranging some dogs at home, I put him into the dog yard and then brought out Trooper. He was properly respectful and both dogs just went their separate ways. I brought in Barkley, who is about the same age, size, and energy level. They did the dance, sniffing to get acquainted, and then took off running together around the dog yard. That's what they both needed and it's really the best way for them to get acquainted.

He will come inside tonight to meet the others and spend the night in a crate in the kitchen next to Barkley and Sparky. He's a nice boy, he just needs someone to spend some time teaching him how to be a dog in human society.

He's with Promises Animal Rescue; he's already neutered and up to date on everything so he's good to go. He may or may not be a pure bred shepherd, but he sure looks and acts the part.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you.., love what you both do for the dogs and LOVE the rottie with the tail...can clean off a coffee table in 1.5 seconds...lol.