Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A brief respite

Max, a/k/a Mad Max, a/k/a Magnificent Max
We seem to have a couple or three days of relief from the extreme heat and humidity that has been suffocating us lately. Today was cooler and noticeably less humid. It didn't take much to work up a sweat, but until today all it took was stepping out the door.

Max's butt on far left, then Maya, and Theo
I took the shepherd triad, Maya, Max, and Theo for another walk late this afternoon. They were good except we had two or three rabbit sightings and Maya has decided they are worthy prey. Max gets excited when anyone else does, so I had my hands full. At one point I just grabbed Maya's tail and held her by that; it stopped her pulling much more than me pulling back on the leash. Theo was pretty good.

We did four miles, which was enough even with the better weather. When we got home I took Barkley and Cole out to the pasture while I did some mowing. They had a good run too.

Maya and Theo

Theo the Hunk

Barkley is the black and tan rottie, the other guy is Cole.

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