Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Angus at vet

I had a vet appointment with Angus Tuesday afternoon. I had come down with a cold starting on Sunday and it really hit me hard on Monday. I felt like crap and spent quite a bit of the day in bed, as much as the dogs would allow. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling much better, however, so after a morning of work, off we went to the vet Tuesday afternoon.

Angus tested negative for everything! I got his vaccines updated because I still had no vet records. They came in via fax before I left the vet's office, but he needed everything we did anyway. Angus was good with the vet techs when it came time to do the blood draw, vaccines, and fecal test. This really is a good dog. He's not perfect, but he's as close as anyone has a right to expect.

I had pretty much settled on an adopter for him, and when we got home this afternoon I wrote to all the people who had expressed an interest in him, and notified the prospective adopter as well.

We will be making arrangements to do the adoption on Saturday. It's a good problem to have, but it's always tough when you have to make a choice between numerous people who are interested in a dog. All you can do is use your best judgment, and it's not always right, but you've got to try. If you make a mistake, you try again.

Here are some pictures of Angus at the vet today, and of Angus and others romping in the pasture yesterday. I wasn't up for a hike so I rode the mower around the pasture as they followed me.

Angus (left) and Barkley, ears and tongues flapping.
Angus is a teenager, long, tall, and lanky, but he
weighed in at a surprising 78 pounds today.

There's three shepherds involved here and a goofy rottweiler, so I'm hesitant to call this
a "meeting of the minds." Max on left picking up his stick, Angus in his face,
and that's Theo standing behind, and Barkley laying down looking on.

Although they enjoyed running around, it was hot, so we had
frequent breaks at the water tank and in the shade.

Angus followed the mower pretty closely. I didn't have
the blades engaged, I was just using it to ride around
the pasture because I wasn't up for a walk.

This really gives a good indication of how long his legs are. He will grow into them.

(L to R) Barkley, Theo, and Angus

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