Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Theo's first day

I picked up Theo on Monday about noon. He came home, met the household pack, and later went out on my daily four miler with Maya. He bonded to me almost instantly, will use a crate but doesn't need one, got along with all the dogs, and has been well-behaved indoors.

He's not particularly playful with the other dogs and I don't think that will change based on what I've heard about him. He's very people-oriented. He's crazy about a tennis ball and will play until the ball is so slimy that no one wants to touch it any more.

If I was in the market for a shepherd he'd already be mine. He is awesome; probably the best looking foster shepherd I've had since Harlan. He's probably about 100 pounds, tall, well-built, solid enough to play rugby on a team of rottweilers. He's probably over-protective vis-a-vis other dogs who are not of his pack and may well have more prey drive than he needs, but for a serious shepherd owner who can control him, he's everything one could want, and more. A prospective owner must be able to control the dog and must be smarter than the dog. I'm contacting a few people who I think might be eligible. It's a short list.

Maya met Theo with her tail up and fur up
as she meets everyone. There was no problem.
He is as tall as Gigi with a lot more bulk.

I used two leashes on him for our first walk,
but he was really pretty easy.
His head is sculptural.

He hopped right up on the stump when I asked
and held a stay while I took pictures.

This pretty must sums up the application process
for this dog. 
Looking off into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

He's gorgeous!!!

Rob Benoit said...

DUDE, YOU ROCK !.. I wish i had the ability to save more than 1 at a time.. My partner and I are hoping to find a heart melter again... Lifes been just not normal since my Samantha passed on Jan 2. I dream of when I have found that one shepherd that needs me as much as i need them, in the house to spoil rotten, like a good daddy does of course !..lol
I must say..that boy is beautiful !