Thursday, July 2, 2015

Finding his niche

Theo started out life as a family dog, or a young woman's dog, but she didn't have time to give him what he needed. A large, young, male German Shepherd Dog has a lot of needs -- time, training, exercise, more time, and more exercise being chief among them.

Theo was given up to service dog training group, and he got some awesome training, but he really wasn't cut out for that type of work. He was then placed in a home as a pet, but he was too much dog for the new owner (an older man) to handle. Theo is big, strong, and has more of a prey drive than a companion animal dog really needs to have. 

Now he's coming to me to find him a new home. The ideal owner will be someone who can handle a big dog, who has a big fenced yard, and who wants to do nothing but throw a tennis ball all day. This dog has a serious ball drive. He also has some very solid basic obedience training. Apparently he's not great on a leash, but I expect that could be solved with the right equipment. I'll probably bring him home on Monday, but maybe some day over the weekend.

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