Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Miscellaneous recent pics

Here's a few pictures, mostly from the last few days.

This is Binx, formerly known as Angus.
Binx is settling into his new home with a new name,
new toys, and lots of activity.

This is Anika, with her new boy.

This is Felix, sprawling across his parents' bed.

Theo (left) and Max (right) on a recent walk.

Rufus (formerly Roo), wearing a body bandage
after his recent neuter surgery. He had an
undescended testicle so it required abdominal
surgery. He had his double rear dew claws
removed at the same time.
Cooling off in the water during yesterday's walk. 
My new boy, Theo, on today's short
(two mile) walk. He hopped up on the bench
and posed for pictures for me.

Trooper and Maya sharing the bed under my desk. 


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Anika's adoption is working out well.

dlg said...

Oh! You decided to keep Theo!

hammer1924 said...

Yes--me, too on Anika. So good to see her. Theo, what a beauty. He is clearly smiling in the pictures; no doubt the love is mutual.