Thursday, April 27, 2017

Black dogs, green grass, and buttercups

Felix went back home late Thursday afternoon. But before he left, I couldn't resist getting him and Gigi together for some pasture time romping through green grass and yellow buttercups. Black dogs can be hard to photograph. They need a pretty and contrasting background.

The first two pics were Felix. He's about 3/4 of Gigi's size.
He has the red collar, she has a black collar with a lot of bling.

A taller yellow flower among the buttercups.

Unbridled joy. I really envy a dog's ability to experience this, and to express it.

Nose to nose. He looked so much like Gigi that I drove
to the shelter to get him the day after I saw him. He's
just the sweetest boy you've ever met.


Anonymous said...

Only if you are lucky enough to live with you. Unbridled joy is a rare thing, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

how is Cookie?

Anonymous said...

I love these pics. Both are so beautiful!