Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Play dates, Jack and Felix

Jack has had two play dates this week with Felix. Felix is a former foster of mine who lives nearby. He's a lab mix, I guess, although I swear there's some Dane in him. He's tall, long, and lean, and looks remarkably like my Gigi, although just three quarters of her size. Felix lost his older adoptive sister recently and has been needing some canine company, play time, and distraction. I look for any opportunity to get Jack out and exercised.

Felix came to our place one evening and we played in the pasture with Jack and Theo. The two shepherds were pretty much obsessed with the ball. Most shepherds have a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and both Theo and Jack are fairly far up in the spectrum. Felix is a dog and he prefers dog-on-dog play:  you-chase-me, I'll-chase-you. Felix knew that Theo was beyond hope, but he tried his best to get Jack to play. Everyone got a good run anyway.

This afternoon I took Jack to meet Felix on his own turf, with no tennis balls. Jack found the biggest stick he could find, must have been 10-12' long, and proceeded to carry it around. There was a wading pool too, and he laid down in that, of course. Later he found a rock. Jesus.

Again, Felix tried to get Jack to play dog-on-dog, but Jack didn't really understand. Jack is learning, I think. I've seen him almost engage in play with Maya and TJ, and Felix got him going occasionally. Although Jack didn't understand, he did have a good time. I promised Felix I'd bring a real dog next time.

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