Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tax Day

Today was tax day. For me, procrastination is no mere habit; I've raised it to the level of an art form. I finished ours up this evening, but well before the midnight deadline thanks to Clay looking over my shoulder. There's nothing fun about tax day, which is why I pushed it off to the evening. After I finished work and still had daylight remaining, I hiked with Maya, TJ, and Cookie. When we got back I took Theo, Jack, Max, Cookie, and Gigi to the pasture for some play time.
TJ, Maya, and Cookie

We went about 5.5 miles, which was a
little too long for TJ, but it wasn't hot and
took it easy, especially going uphill. He
would lag behind like he was tired, and
then sprint up ahead.

Cookie is another water shepherd, not quite as fanatical about
it as Jack, but she plops down in it when she has the chance.

TJ drinking from the stream

Cookie was out front for the entire hike,
never slowed down.

Jack was really ready to run when we got out there today.

Even Gigi came out and ran with us.
Running isn't fast enough, it looks like Jack wants to take flight.

He made frequent trips to the water tank to stay wet.

Jack running with Gigi

Once Max gets a ball, that ball is out of the game. He
stashes them somewhere and comes back for more.

Cookie stuck pretty close to me most
of the time.

A gathering at one of the water tanks. Jack, Max, and Cookie.

Cookie should sleep soundly tonight.
Slender Gigi

Jack won't return a ball, but when he runs after a second one
he drops the first. I did a lot of walking to pick up the balls
he dropped.

Theo never has fewer than two balls in his mouth.

Theo the Great

Gigi and buttercups
There are four dogs in this one, but it's not really a group scene,
 everyone is doing their own thing.

Gigi's black color really stands out from the bright green
grass sprinkled with yellow flowers.

Jack is all dog.

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