Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dog of the Day

The Dog of the Day is the third dog I take hiking along with Maya and TJ, who go on all hikes. These pictures are from various recent hikes with Maya and TJ, plus the dog of the day. When we get into the serious heat and humidity of summer, TJ may become a dog of the day as well. I'm not sure how a senior husky will handle exercise in hot weather.


I call this spot Sparky's watering hole because he was
with me when I found it. It never dries up and it is
always cool and refreshing.

If the boys are competing for the position
out front, Maya will often just drop back
and walk next to me. Suits me fine.


Trooper isn't people-friendly, but we
can pass people on the trails without
any problem.

TJ, Maya, and Trooper

I'm always a little surprised that Gigi wants to go on
one of our walks because she spends most of the day
and all night on our bed. But she does like to go on
occasion, on a nice day, if not too far.

Theo is always ready to go and he's friendly at least with
people so I can walk him in public areas.

We stop at this spot a lot, the water is good.

He is a fine looking dog.
Maya probably has more stamina than
any of us. She just keeps going.

Walking together has helped all the dogs'
relationship with TJ, especially Theo and Max
who needed it the most.


Max won't come to me when he's in the dog yard
so he almost missing being Dog of the Day today.
I pretended I was going to feed him and got a
leash on him, then he's happy to come along.

TJ, Maya, and Max jumping over a log.

These two almost look like friends now,
it wasn't always so.

TJ, surveying his domain from a high ridge
above the river.

The Rivanna looked very pretty today. I want to get my
canoe in the water soon.

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