Sunday, April 16, 2017

The greening of the vale

It seems to have happened just in the last couple of days. It's been in the works for weeks, of course, but suddenly the leaves are emerging on all the deciduous trees and shrubs. Cooler season grasses like fescue have been green for a while now, but the warm season grasses that fill the fields are still brown and grey like they've been all winter. But from a high bluff over the river where I walked yesterday, you could definitely see the forest in the process of greening. It's happening at the same time that the dogwoods are in bloom, creating splashes of white light shining through a pale green haze of the tender new leaves.

The river is calling to me and my canoe, but I have too many
dogs who need to be walked.
The three new fosters, TJ, Jack, and Cookie, all refuse to stay in the dog yard fence, so we've been doing a lot of walking rotations. Teddy and Cooper are heading back home today, however, so that kennel, with a six foot fence, should be available to contain one or more of them for some outdoor time. Cookie still seems to be on her German Shepherd hunger strike, although she claimed some of Jack's leftovers this morning, so maybe it will end soon. It's beautiful outside this morning, but already warm in the house, so the air conditioning will be on before noon.

TJ has become quite attached to me.
My favorite oak tree at Pleasant Grove is leafing out.

Sparky, doing the Rottweiler Roll.

I love this dog.

Maya and Trooper,
a May-December romance, but a real one.

Cookie has reverted to indoor living quite nicely.
Older fosters are always the easiest.

Max's coat gives an inkling of the fur blizzard that will soon
hit our household.
Jack with ball and buttercups.

Jack and Max

We saw this guy right next to the trail on a hike.
The German Water Dog in his natural habitat.

Dogwoods have such simple flowers,
but so very pretty.
Years ago I worked out a mowing system that maximizes the
buttercup blooms. When the first flowers appear, I mow the
grass, then the pretty yellow blooms pop up. The flowers show
nicely and are about gone by the time for the next mowing.
Maya, leading the way.
TJ and Cookie flanking her.
My little girl, Maya the Intrepid.

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Henry said...

Aww! Looks like you guys had an eventful day! Hehe awesome photos! Thanks for sharing :)