Friday, April 28, 2017

Cookie update, etc.

Lots of folks have been asking about Cookie. She's doing fine. I looked at her incisions yesterday and they looked good, no sign of swelling, and no indication that she had been licking them. She acts normally, maybe doesn't understand the activity restriction. I let her outside on her own periodically, but keep her either crated or confined to the kitchen so she isn't doing the stairs.
The focus isn't great on this one. I can't think of
the name of these at the moment, but they are
unusual in that the flowers are hidden, appearing
below the leaves.

No biopsy report yet, maybe, probably, next week. She's eating normally and I haven't seen any more of the mysterious indoor urination, so maybe it was a UTI and the antibiotics have been helping already. Scarlett had been keeping Cookie company in the kitchen quite a bit. The two girls are similar in age and temperament and seemed to enjoy each other's company. Scarlett went back home today, however, but Theo will probably keep Cookie company downstairs. He's been staying down there quite a bit, because it's cooler on that nice tile floor.

Most of the pictures are from recent hikes.

Jack and dogwood blossoms.

Maya, TJ, and Jack. This picture is notable mostly for the
dogs' tails, especially Maya's.

Jack and one of his stupid sticks. This one was a hazard to
any dog walking on his left. I eventually broke it down to
a shorter, and safer, size.

TJ  is still shedding, but I did a big comb out
yesterday and I think we're making progress.

Flowers on the horse chestnut (buckeye) tree in our front yard.

This is my nuc of bees after about a week.

Spotted this out on the trail, some kind of
native rhododendron.

Jack was with us too. He eventually came over
and then jumped back to show Theo how easy it was.
Theo isn't a jumper but he made it.

The recent rains have brought down some trees.
This was blocking the trail. It's actually three tree
trunks that fell down together. I stepped up and 
walked across them. Maya hopped up and followed
me without hesitation. Theo would have preferred
to walk around.

Theo is a good role model for Jack in many ways.

Jack adores Theo. It's a serious
case of hero worship. They bonded
over the tennis balls.

My little girl, the intrepid Maya.
The pretty oak tree at Pleasant Grove with summer foliage.

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