Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cooper and Teddy

Cooper and Teddy are here because their mom is getting a new hip. She's doing well and may be home next week. They are former fosters and they've stayed here on occasion even after being adopted so they know the place and they settled right in. I have them over in the shed and kennel known as Rottweiler World. It was Sparky's hangout until he moved indoors. He still runs over there occasionally wanting to check out his old digs, but now I give him outdoor time in the dog yard along with Max, Trooper, and Theo. I often suspect that Sparky would like to have his own space, but sharing the dog yard is part and parcel with living indoors as part of the pack.
Teddy is a little beagle, a fat little beagle now.

It makes a good space for Cooper and Teddy, plenty of room, indoors and out, with a big 4'x8' house filled with straw and wool blankets, two A-frames with a platform on top, a nice deck, and a big water tank.

Cooper is as friendly as he could possibly be. Teddy is a shy little guy who prefers that Cooper handle all the human contact. Teddy did come up to me one day, however, and touched my outstretched hand with his nose a couple times. That's a big deal coming from Teddy.
Cooper is an American Bulldog

The dogs are both a bit hard to photograph, but for opposite reasons. The usual view of Teddy is just his head peaking out from around the corner of whatever he's hiding behind. Cooper, on the other hand, is up so close and in your face that it's hard to get a picture of the whole dog.

These two were fosters at the same time and Teddy was very attached to Cooper as his big security blanket. It was really fortunate that they ended up in the same home, but particularly fortunate for Teddy. It takes a special person to adopt a dog like Teddy who doesn't have a lot of qualities that people want in a dog. He doesn't like to be looked at, much less touched. Cooper more than makes up for that, however; he wants to be touched, loved on, and petted as much as possible or even more. They've worked out a life and routines that work for them. Cooper gets to go out and do stuff, Teddy gets to stay at home. They can compare notes. It works for them and that's all that matters.
I think Cooper came from my doggie dealer down in SW VA.

This is the typical view of Teddy,
peaking out from around a corner.

I was surprised to see Teddy jump up onto that
platform supported by the two A-frames.

Teddy in the water tank

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Anonymous said...

I love the relationship these two have. So thankful they were homed together!