Saturday, April 1, 2017

So long, farewell

We had 15 dogs here the night that we had the Great Dane, Drogo. He was only here for one night and we've been slowly whittling down the numbers since then. After Drogo we were down to 14. After Alex got adopted we were at 13. Two dogs went home today, bringing the count down to a more reasonable 11.

Baron got adopted and I'm very happy for him. He needed to get into a home where he could start learning to be a shepherd. He has a bossy older sister, also a shepherd, and that's probably exactly what he needs. He's a nice boy, good temperament, and he's certainly handsome, but no one has ever done anything with him. At about nine months of age, it's time, and he's ready for it, eager for it even.

 After Baron got adopted I took Scarlett back to her home later in the afternoon. She had been with a few more days than expected but Scarlett is pretty easy to have around. She was sure happy to be home though, and that's always nice to see. She will be back again for a few days later in April.

The house will seem quiet with just 11 dogs and feeding time will seem like a breeze, but that's ok. I've been trying to keep the number to 10 or less and after having 15 again, I remember why.

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