Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jack, the German Shepherd Water Dog

My new foster with Promises Animal Rescue is named Jack. I believe he's a German Shepherd Water Dog. Or he's part shepherd and part fish. He's a purebred German Shepherd Dog who is happiest in the water. I may never get a picture of him dry if I take it outdoors. From the moment he arrived Sunday morning he made a beeline to the nearest water tank and jumped right in.

Jack is about 15 months old. He's neutered. He's had some vaccinations and after a visit to the vet this week he will be current on everything. Jack is what happens when you buy a cute little German Shepherd puppy and then don't do any training with him in the first year of his life. He's very friendly and sociable, but he has absolutely no manners. Actually he has a lot of bad manners. He does seem to be ok with being crated, however, and he's certainly fine with other dogs. He will like any dog who will like him back; the others he will just leave alone. Jack's only goal in life is to play, play, and then play some more. He's very jumpy, somewhat mouthy, but never mean or aggressive about it, he's just a wild child. He can get over a 4' fence quite easily.
Jack on the left getting checked out by Theo.

He's going to take some work, but he's got the potential to make someone a really great dog.

I changed the water when he arrived, but 10 minutes later you
couldn't tell the difference.

He dips his entire face into the water.

Doing the wet dog shake.

He loves to have either a stick or a ball in his mouth.

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